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Principle is the app for prototyping high-fidelity and interactive user interfaces, small UX-animations or the complete screenflow and animation. View or buy Principle via




Add rectangle R (⌥ R to add as child) 
Add Text T (⌥ T to add as child)
Add Artboard A
Group ⌘ G
Ungroup ⌘ ⇧ G
Bring to Front ⇧ ⌘ ]
Bring forward ⌘ ]
Send Backward ⌘ [
Send to Back ⇧ ⌘ [


Nudge Arrow Keys
Big Nudge ⇧ Arrow Keys
Rotate ⌘ Drag handle
Rotate in 15 degree increments ⌘ ⇧ Drag handle
Duplicate Cmd+D
Duplicate and Move Alt+Drag
Inspector Textfields understand basic equations like "320/2+10"
Inspector Labels dragging textfield labels quickly scrubs values
Rename Layer Cmd+R

Canvas Navigation

Pan Space + drag
Zoom in Z + Click
Zoom out⌥ Z + Click
Continuous Zoom ⌥ Space + Drag
Zoom in ⌘ =
Zoom out ⌘ -
Zoom All ⌘ 1
Zoom Selection ⌘ 2
Center Selection ⌘ 3
Actual Size ⌘ 0

Driver Navigation

Pan Space + drag
Zoom in Z + Click
Zoom out 
Continuous Zoom ⌥ Space + Drag

Animate Navigation

Pan Space + drag


Select Parent Esc 
Select Child Enter 
Select Next Sibling Tab 
Select Previous Sibling Shift+Tab 
Select all Siblings ⌘ A 


Change cursor type View->Toggle Preview Cursor Type
Rewind Prototype W
Start recording video⌃ V 
Start recording video without cursor⌃ ⌥ V