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To activate Wordpress keyboard shortcuts, go to Admin/Users/Your_Profile and check the 'Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation' checkbox.

Editor shortcuts

Copy⌘ C
Paste⌘ V
Select all⌘ A
Cut⌘ X
Undo⌘ Z
Redo⌘ Y
Bold⌘ B
Italic⌘ I
Underline⌘ U
Insert/edit link⌘ K


Check Spelling (This requires a plugin.)βŒƒ βŒ₯ N
Align LeftβŒƒ βŒ₯ L
Justify TextβŒƒ βŒ₯ J
Align CenterβŒƒ βŒ₯ C
StrikethroughβŒƒ βŒ₯ D
Align RightβŒƒ βŒ₯ R
β€’ ListβŒƒ βŒ₯ U
Insert linkβŒƒ βŒ₯ A
1. ListβŒƒ βŒ₯ O
Remove linkβŒƒ βŒ₯ S
QuoteβŒƒ βŒ₯ Q
Insert ImageβŒƒ βŒ₯ M
Distraction Free Writing modeβŒƒ βŒ₯ W
Insert More TagβŒƒ βŒ₯ T
Insert Page Break tagβŒƒ βŒ₯ P
HelpβŒƒ βŒ₯ H
Add/remove code tagβŒƒ βŒ₯ X
Heading 1βŒƒ βŒ₯ 1
Heading 2βŒƒ βŒ₯ 2
Heading 3βŒƒ βŒ₯ 3
Heading 4βŒƒ βŒ₯ 4
Heading 5βŒƒ βŒ₯ 5
Heading 6βŒƒ βŒ₯ 6
AddressβŒƒ βŒ₯ 9


Start an unordered list*
Start an unordered list-
Start an ordered list1.
Start an ordered list1)
transform text into blockquote>
horizontal line---
transform text into code block`..`
Approve currently selected commentA
Mark currently selected comment as spamS
Move currently selected comment to the trashD
Restore currently selected commentZ
Unapprove currently selected commentU
Initiates inline reply to the currently selected commentR
Approves checked comments⇧ A
Marks checked comments as spam⇧ S
Deletes checked comments⇧ D
Unapproves checked comments⇧ U
Moves checked comments to the trash⇧ T
Restores checked comments⇧ Z