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Why advertise with Shortcuts.design?

Shortcuts.design has ~55.000 pageviews (& growing) per month. Currently, the website has ~13.000 monthly visitors that charge their productivity by learning and using shortcuts. The website became Producthunt Product of the Day in 2017 and got featured by large websites or companies like Creativebloq, Sidebar, InVision, CSS-Tricks, Prototypr, Sprint UX Podcast and UpLabs, to name a few.

Our visitors are productivity-minded people in the creative space. They’re designers, illustrators, developers, copywriters, and marketeers, mostly living in countries like the US, UK, India, and Germany. It’s a great audience for you as a sponsor. Previous sponsorships partners include ⤵️

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The deal

When advertising on Shortcuts.design, your advertisement will be visible on the homepage (underneath the collection of design-tools) and all 30+ and growing toolspages (underneath the shortcuts table) and will run for one month (e.g., the whole of July, September, or December).

Advertising for one month costs €149 and should be payed through TransferWise. The advertisement will be scheduled as soon as the payment is received.


Sponsored links should be relevant to Shortcuts.design design-focused audience and link to high-quality, well-designed content, products, or deals. Your company-name will be displayed in the add, the add can have a title, subtitle, description with a minimum of 50 characters, and a maximum of 250, and a link to your content, product, or deal.

If you use analytics software for tracking, visits to your sponsored link or job post can be tracked with the UTM tag "?ref=shortcuts.design" and will show the number of incoming visitors from the sponsored link.


Shortcuts.design approves sponsor-requests and has the right to decline proposals without having to state a reason.


Sponsorships can be refunded. Please e-mail me at shortcutsdesign@michelvanheest.com with the request up to two weeks before the scheduled date to cancel the advertisement and receive a refund.

Like to become a sponsor?

Reach out to shortcutsdesign@michelvanheest.com or click on the blue button on the right.

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for one month

  • Show your design / productivity product
  • Featured on the homepage and toolspages
  • Reach ~13.000 creatives per month*
Contact for availability

Email: shortcutsdesign@michelvanheest.com
*Based on data from 2022

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Helping out

Missing something?

Feel free to request missing tools or give some feedback using Twitter, E-mail or GitHub! If you can, please help out by adding the data yourself and be the hero of the ±12k people per month using this resource.

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