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Version 2.0.3

Sat Jun 19 2021



  • When you’re a Windows user, the site automatically shows shortcuts for Windows on page-load, instead of you having to switch manually from Mac to Windows
  • Advertisement workflow ('cause those bills need to be paid)
  • Error handling
  • Instructions for contributing on GitHub


  • Some Windows shortcuts for Figma

Version 2.0.2

Sun Jun 06 2021


  • Ability to advertise on, read more here


  • Notion shortcuts, check them out here

Version 2.0.1

Sat May 22 2021


  • Improved color contrasts, labels, and other improvements for better accessibility
  • Loading speed of the complete website

Version 2

Thu May 13 2021 V2.0

What’s new

  • Complete visual redesign of the website
  • Complete front-end refactor, now running on 11ty and hosted on Netlify
  • Anonymous Hotjar-tracking for optimizing certain parts of the website.


  • Added Windows shortcuts for Figma.
  • Added Mac & Windows shortcuts for FigJam.
  • Added Mac shortcuts for Framer X.
  • Added Mac & Windows shortcuts for Miro.
  • Added Mac & Windows shortcuts for GitHub Desktop.
  • Added Mac shortcuts for Xcode.
  • Added Mac & Windows shortcuts for Notion.
  • Added Mac shortcuts for Things.


  • Maintainability of the front-end
  • Loading speed of the complete website and tools
  • Better and faster search


  • Old explanation how to add custom shortcuts

Version 1.2.3

Mon Jun 18 2018


  • Added Mac & Windows shortcuts for Overflow.
  • Added Mac & Windows shortcuts for InVision Studio.
  • Added Mac & Windows shortcuts for Affinity Photo.
  • Added Mac shortcuts for Visual Studio Code.
  • Added Mac shortcuts for Android Studio.


  • Fixed a shortcut on the Android Studio toolspage.

Version 1.2.2

Fri May 25 2018


  • Search within toolspages.
  • Added Windows shortcuts for Visual Studio Code and Android Studio.
  • Added a new shortcut to the Atom page.


  • Better visibility of which OS shortcuts of a tool is on the website.


  • Fixed the wrong shortcuts on the macOS toolspage.

Version 1.2.1

Mon Apr 30 2018


  • Added new shortcut on the Weblow page.
  • Added Windows-shortcuts for Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.


  • Improved usability of some parts of the site with some small visual tweaks (e.g. made Mac/Windows-switch better visible).

Version 1.2

Thu Apr 26 2018


  • is open source, added the feature to add your own shortcuts via the GitHub repo
  • Made it possible to requests tools outside of GitHub
  • Added the possibility for the site to be used not only by Mac users but by Windows users as well (for some tools, please add the missing shortucts yourself if you want).
  • Added a lot of new shortcuts (such as Framer, Zeplin, Atom, Windows and Chrome and many more).
  • Added a way to support and donate a coffee to the developer via PayPal.


  • Improved the way updates are communicated to the users.


  • Fixed some minor problems with hoverstates on certain buttons.
  • Updated outdated data.

Version 1.1

Mon Nov 20 2017


  • Improved visibility of the selected row on the shortucts table with a hoverstate.


  • Updated the old Adobe XD Beta logo to the new CC logo.
  • Updated the old Sublime Text logo.
  • Fixed white border around tool icons when hovering.
  • Fixed responsive problem with the tools-box for devices smaller than iPhone 8.
  • Emoji are the same on all operating systems.

Version 1 - Launch

Mon Nov 06 2017


  • | Every shortcut for designers in one place πŸš€

Helping out

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